Action Sound Music - Hawkins Texas
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Action Sound
157 N. Beaulah
Hawkins, TX 75765
Questions & Answers

We have assembled some of the most common asked questions and supplied the answer. If you have a question, please check here first to see if it is answered. If you do not see it here then send us an email from our Contact Us page or give us a call.

Q: How much does a guitar cost?
A: Depends on the brand, style, type and model.

Q: How late are you open?
A: Tue-Fri from 11:30am to 6:30pm. Saturday from 11:30 till 4pm.

Q: Do you offer guitar lessons?
A: Yes! We have a soundproof room with a qualified instructor. Lesson fees vary but are always per half hour. Please call for availability and pricing.

Q: I have equipment I would like to trade with. Do you do any of this?
A: Yes BUT on a very limited basis.

Q: Do you do appraisal?
A: Yes but not over the phone.

Q: I've got a gig this weekend. Can you have my gear fixed if i bring it in the day before?
A: Yes No Maybe

Q: Do you offer lay-a-way options?
A: Yes, 1/2 down and the balance in 90 days. (Some restrictions apply - ask for details)

Q: Do you have a consignment area?
A: No

Q: Um, I've dropped an expensive guitar and damaged it in your store. Do I have to buy it?
A: Yes you do. We understand that we provide an opportunity to play some high end instruments but be respectful of our investment. DO NOT TOUCH means exactly that. We would be happy to assist you in trying out any piece of equipment, just ask. Thanks!

Q: Can you place special orders?
A: Depends on if we can get the item. If yes then we can.

Q: What guitars/basses do you carry?
A: Bedell, Fender,Paul Reed Smith, Schecter guitars, Taylor, Dean, Warwick, and many used items also walk thru the door..

Q: What kind of drums/cymbals do you carry?
A: at the momment we carry pearl and gretsch, zildjian, sabian

Q: Do you service equipment?
A: Yep! We have several qualified techs that can do everything from restring a guitar to bias a tube amp.

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